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"First, Do No Harm:" A Review of "Harm Reduction Psychotherapy"

Andrew Tatarsky
Neal M. Goldsmith, PhD, & John H. Halpern

Andrew Tatarsky, an innovative clinical psychologist practicing in Manhattan, has produced a timely and targeted professional document-of-practice. Timely, because the idea of harm reduction (making drug policy not based on punishment, but on the broadest possible assessment of the net-least harm to society) is just beginning to be accepted in policy and practice. Targeted, because it is a document of and for clinical practice, one that cuts across theoretical orientations.

A Chance For Europe: The Way Towards Just And Effective Drug Policies

Dear delegates,

This statement is presented to you by ENCOD, a collective of non-governmental organisations representing a large contingent of European citizens who are affected and concerned by current drug policies, and who wish to replace them with policies that are more just and more effective. At this moment ENCOD consists of 75 member organisations.