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A Review Of The Withdrawal Management System In Ontario: Final Report, July14, 2005

Cathexis Consulting Inc.
This is the controversial and -- in a number of minds, highly questionable -- report on which the Province of Ontario based their decision to gut Toronto's detox care system. It has been placed here so that it won't be "disappeared". Later, we hope to place here some rebuttals from the community.

Toronto Crack Users Perspectives: Inside, Outside, Upside Down

This research is aimed at exploring the experiences of homeless drug users, why they smoke/inject crack, and the health and social impact of their use.

Junkies in the House of the Lord

This MSc dissertation would not have been achievable without the constructive interventions and time given by the individual drugs users and allies mostly from Europe but also from the U.S.
I want to thank them greatly, particularly as, as far as I am aware, this will be the first time an
academic document has been produced in which drugs users do not continue to stay scared
and closeted but proudly announce their true identities. We hope the content of this document
will indicate why.

Vers une réponse à l’épidémie Recommandations pour une Stratégie canadienne sur l’hépatite C

Préparé en collaboration avec :
Institut de l’anémie recherche et éducation
Société canadienne du SIDA
Réseau canadien d’info-traitements SIDA
Canadian Harm Reduction Network
Société canadienne de l’hémophilie
Canadian Hepatitis C Network
Fondation canadienne du foie
Hepatitis C Council of BC
Société de l’hépatite C du Canada
Prisoners’ HIV/AIDS Support Action Network

Responding to the Epidemic Recommendations for a Canadian Hepatitis C Strategy

Developed in collaboration by the
Anemia Institute for Research and Education
Canadian AIDS Society
Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange
Canadian Harm Reduction Network
Canadian Hemophilia Society
Canadian Hepatitis C Network
Canadian Liver Foundation
Hepatitis C Council of BC
Hepatitis C Society of Canada
Prisoners’ HIV/AIDS Support Action

Hepatitis C - did we learn anything from AIDS?

Grant McNally founded the UK Assembly on Hepatitis C and set up the National Hepatitis C Resource Centre. A qualified Social Worker with a MSc. Grant describes himself as an ex ex user who sometime trains.

In 16 years hepatitis C has moved from being a benign infection unlikely to cause health problems, to being a multi million dollar industry and the number one cause of Liver transplantation in the US, what’s the story!