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World Drug Report

The World Drug Report 2005 provides one of the most comprehensive overviews of illicit drug trends at the international level. In addition, this year it presents the work of UNODC in two new areas of research.

On The Rocks - A Follow-up Study of Crack Users in London

This report is based on the first cohort study that has looked specifically at
service use amongst crack cocaine users in the UK. The aim of the study was to improve our understanding of chaotic drug use and to identify effective forms of intervention.

Hepatitis C ... Meeting the Challenge

A Guide for Adults with Hepatitis C

National Hepatitis C Resource Manual

This manual has been developed as as a concise source of standardised information about hepatitis C to assist health care workers.

Every Door Is the Right Door

A British Columbia Planning Framework to Address Problematic Substance use and Addiction

Alcohol Problems and Approaches: Theories, Evidence and Northern Practice

The purpose of this paper is to provide essential information about alcohol problems, theories
about causes and evidence-based best practices in alcohol problem treatment and prevention in Inuit communities.

Community-led Innovation in Addressing the Problems Caused by Crack Cocaine in London

The report contains examples of projects and
initiatives that highlight innovative community-led responses to the problems caused by crack cocaine.

Building capacity— A framework for serving Albertans affected by addiction and mental health issues

This framework was developed through provincewide consultations with the health regions, physicians, AMHB and other stakeholders, research on best practice, and feedback from leaders in the field of concurrent disorders. The framework proposes a collaborative approach to better help people affected by addiction and mental health issues.


To provide health care providers, educators, users, law enforcement, emergency services, researchers, media, and the general public with a responsible assessment
of currently available data regarding public health,
production, enforcement, prevention, public policy,
and treatment issues associated with

Harm Reduction—One half of the equation—the drug users perspective

Plenary Presentation, 15th International Conference on the Reduction of Drug Related Harm, Melbourne Australia, 20-24 April 2004


Cannabis: A History

A Review of “Cannabis: A History”, by Martin Booth

REVIEWER: Andrew Donaldson
SOURCE: Sunday Times (South Africa)
DATE: 3 August 2003

Cannabis: A History by Martin Booth (Random House)

When Pope Gregory IX initiated the Holy Inquisition in 1231, one of the substances that came under scrutiny was hemp - used apparently not only by herbalists and physicians but sorcerers as well.