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Cognitive-behavioural integrated treatment (c-bit): a treatment manual for substance misuse in people with severe mental health problems

Hermine L. Graham, with Alex Copello, Max J. Birchwood, Kim T. Mueser, Jim Orford, Dermot McGovern, Emma Atkinson, Jenny Maslin, Mike Preece, Derek Tobin and George Georgiou
Alan Marlatt

I highly recommend this excellent therapy manual that provides an overview of a cognitive-behavioural integrated treatment (C-BIT) program for clients with cooccurring substance misuse and severe mental health problems. Designed originally for use in settings that provide assertive outreach, the C-BIT approach can be used for a wide variety of dual diagnosis treatment approaches. Based on a harm-reduction philosophy, the manual provides a wealth of assessment and intervention options in the context of a structured CBT program that is administered Typically over a 6-month period.

Community-led Innovation in Addressing the Problems Caused by Crack Cocaine in London

The report contains examples of projects and
initiatives that highlight innovative community-led responses to the problems caused by crack cocaine.