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Overview of Syringe Exchange Programs

This police training session is specific to New York, but you can get ideas about what you might want to include in police training in your own communities.

Patients in The Crossfire: Casualties in The War on Medical Marijuana

Americans For Safe Access
Phillip Smith

In Amsterdam, you can go down to the local pharmacy and get quality-controlled, medical marijuana from government-registered suppliers. In Canada, a government contractor supplies pot for patients registered with the health ministry. (Alright, it is crappy stuff, but that’s another story.) In Oklahoma, on the other hand, if you can’t get your medical marijuana and you try to grow your own, you might get 93 years in prison.

Peer Work

“Peer” Works is an abridged version of a presentation Heidi made for a forum called “Peers on Peering” for the Toronto Harm Reduction Task Force in August 2001.