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Taking Drug Laws Seriously - 1

One of the referendums in the November 5, 2002 election “would have put thousands of drug offenders [in Ohio] into treatment programs instead of prison.” The amendment was supported by many libertarians and friends of libertarians. Propaganda for it was generously funded by billionaires Peter Lewis, George Soros, and John Sperling. Voters rejected it by a ratio of 67 to 33 percent. I have long argued that medicalizing the law in general, and laws prohibiting drugs in particular, is stupid and wicked. Probably for the wrong reasons, I believe voters in Ohio did the right thing.

Taking Drug Laws Seriously - 2

In my January column, I presented my reasons for opposing the effort to combat the war on drugs by seeking to enact state referendums “legalizing medical marijuana.” The appeal of that approach to many libertarians is symptomatic of how wimpish some of them are about confronting statist medical, and especially psychiatric, principles and practices. Ted Galen Carpenter’s Bad Neighbor Policy: Washington’s Futile War on Drugs in Latin
America is a recent example.

The Brain's Own Marijuana

Marijuana is a drug with a mixed history.