To the users of Thailand--and everywhere else

Sam Friedman

Despised, reviled,
targeted by the guns
of over-empowered cops,
sometimes . . . pitied,
you make do,
fill your veins
with liquid
or, perhaps, to forget past pain,
or to put off feeling
drug sick
Besieged by police, by AIDS,
by greed,
with needles rare
and safety unheard of,
you think,
you love,
you collaborate
and share,
share food when you can,
needles when you must.
you prey upon others,
rob your mom to get your fix,
or sell a stranger sugar
for the money for a shot.
This sets you up for power,
as prey for every het-up, killing cop,
as diversions for anger
better aimed at the top,
at those who profit, and hate, and kill . . .

Who should be the hated?

Who should be despised?