A Special Evening with James Buffin in Support of Picking Trauma's Pocket

Thursday, October 6, 2016
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
Workman Arts
651 Dufferin Street
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA
Event Description: 

This live presentation is a rare opportunity to witness the beauty and resilience of one man's courageous recovery from child sex abuse and see some of the video he has created during this journey. James Buffin's resoundingly compassionate cry out, will refocus attention away from our culture of retribution and take a hard look at the survivors themselves and the imposed harm that leaves them each stranded on a treacherous, frozen peak of alienation and shame.

After a decades long struggle to find his own creative voice, this project is filmmaker James Buffin's triumphant claim to self-agency. Triggered by the arrest of his son's teacher on child pornography charges in 2011, Buffin began self-documenting his own recovery. This story is an epic journey that starts with one man's efforts to heal himself and lands on a global stage, calling out to all of humanity, We Can Do Better!

Attending this event will leave you inspired and infused with hope about an overwhelming issue that appears to be too big and too hard to resolve. 

In this extraordinary event, James Buffin will share his struggles towards triumph and show filmed footage from survivors and specialists around the planet, all of which corroborates a collossal and slippery truth that is so big that it impacts us all, and yet remains obscured by silence.  

By attending this event you will be supporting the creation of James Buffin's documentary film, Picking Trauma's Pocket. Initiated in 2011, filming has taken place with survivors and experts in North America, South America and Asia. Your support will ensure the completion of this compelling and important project.

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