Site Policy

Canadian Harm Reduction Network Online Guidelines and Policies for Users


The Canadian Harm Reduction Network believes that virtual communication offers a significant opportunity to our organization, our members, other harm reductionists, activists, policy makers and the world at large to become more active in integrating and promoting harm reduction approaches that will save people’s lives. Sharing information and engaging in a discussion that allow us to support each other’s efforts.

The CHRN encourages its members and associates to explore responsibly, and to further collaborate and to build relationships. As we engage in these virtual environments, members and associates should follow and be guided first and foremost by our values and Conduct Guidelines.

These guidelines are created for CHRN associates to build the foundations and build upon those foundations and to address the some of the choices that individual CHRN associates may face in virtual worlds. These guidelines are not intended to address every situation you may encounter but they are a good start at informing our collective engagement and exploration.

  1. Engage. CHRN encourages its members and allies to explore responsibly – indeed, to further communication that will lead to collaboration and building relationships. You do not need to be a member (but we love it if you are!) to add events, job postings, comments or other forms of content, but you need to agree to the site policy. The Webmaster, administrator and moderators of this site have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic that is abusive, hateful, racist and threatening.
  2. Protect others’ privacy. It is inappropriate to disclose or use CHRN’s or our members’ confidential or proprietary information – or any personal information of any other person (including their real name) or company in a virtual communication.
  3. When you don make a reference, always link back to the source. It’s all about acknowledging the work of others and their contribution to the community.
  4. Accountability. CHRN members and allies should be thoughtful, collaborative and innovative in participation in virtual communication. Including deliberations over behavioural/social norms and conventions.
    • Be the first to correct your own mistakes. If you make an error, be up front about your mistake and correct it quickly, as this can help to restore trust. If you choose to modify content that was previously posted, such as editing a blog post, make it clear that you have done so.
    • Speak in the first person. Use you won voice; bring your own personality to the storefront.
    • You should operate on the assumption that all actions, communications and data can be seen, heard and recorded by anyone. Be mindful that all your actions will be public and may be visible for a long time.