Drug War

The Secret of Worldwide Drug Prohibiltion

What percentage of countries in the world have drug prohibition? Is it 100 percent, 75 percent, 50 percent, or 25 percent? I recently asked many people I know to guess the answer to this question. Most people in the United States, especially avid readers and the politically aware, guess 25 or 50 percent. More suspicious individuals guess 75 percent. The correct answer is 100 percent, but almost no one guesses that figure. Most readers of this paragraph will not have heard that every country in the world has drug prohibition.

The War on Drug Users: Denying Life, Liberty and Security of the Person

This paper was written by two 4th-year students of International Criminal Law who worked as interns with the Canadian Harm Reduction Network, through the University of Toronto's Service Learning program.  Their research draws on academic and community sources. 


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