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Harm Reduction in Canada: The Many Faces of Regression

“Harm Reduction in Canada: The Many Faces of Regression”, by Walter Cavalieri & Diane Riley, is a chapter from the book Harm Reduction in Substance Use and High-Risk Behaviour: International Policy and Practice, which was recently published by Wiley-Blackwell in the UK.  The view is somewhat bleak ... but at the same time it can be seen as a call for action.

Harm reduction, methadone maintenance treatment and the root causes of health and social inequities: An intersectional lens in the Canadian context

Using our research findings, we explore Harm Reduction and Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) using an intersectional lens to provide a more complex understanding of Harm Reduction and MMT, particularly how Harm Reduction and MMT are experienced differently by people dependent on how they are positioned. Using the lens of intersectionality, we refine the notion of Harm Reduction by specifying the conditions in which both harm and benefit arise and how experiences of harm are continuous with wider experiences of domination and oppression.


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